Where can I find a Closed Captioner in UK providing captioning services at reasonable price?

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Vanan Captioning is the closed captioner in UK where closed captioning services at reasonable price are provided. Affordable charges, quick turnaround time and 100% accuracy together with the friendly customer support automatically lift the company to the top level. The credit goes to the team of professionals and the well equipped recording studio along with the hi-tech technical department functioning ever ready without any disturbances.

Most of the people are looking at the captions for years together but many wouldn’t have an idea of how these are being created and who are involved in this process. Closed captioning work flow differs drastically for the off-line work and online or real time work.

Of these, off line captioning requires a lot of process. The first stage of work starts with the transcriber. The transcriber goes through the project received from the client and transcribes it. Then this transcript goes to the caption editor or captioner who turns over the transcript into captions.

Adding timings to the transcript and the placement are done at this stage. Lots of research work has to be made regarding the spellings, activities and places during both the stages. The last step is the proof reading and quality checking stage.

Regarding real time captioning, apart from the technical assistants and engineers, the entire captioning is performed by the one person who directly listens and transcribes with the help of captioning software and inserts the captions which are live instantly on the screen.

More details – http://vanancaptioning.com/Captioning-Services.php

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