Which company provides closed captioning services online?

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Vanan Captioning offers exceptional quality closed captioning services online. The company extends several offers that speak volumes of its dedication, quality, and confidence levels. Every new client with file duration of more than 3 hours gets to sample the closed captioning service from the company, free.

This sample closed captioning online is between 5 to 10 minutes and is aimed to help the new clients get a glimpse of the extraordinary levels of services. In addition, every project taken upon by the company comes with a 15 day money back endorsement too.

The rates for closed captioning online from Vanan Captioning are very competitive. It charges just $6 per minute for closed captioning. The company has an excellent customer care support that looks forward to every query and suggestion. This service is available 365 days of the year, all 24 hours of the day. The company offers 100% accuracy and caters to closed captioning services online in more than 200 languages worldwide.

Vanan Captioning has a record of accomplishment in offering one of the best and the quickest turnaround time for any captioning project. The company reverts with its rates quotes in less than hour of receiving the client’s file. It charges only 50% of the total fee as the upfront charges. The rest of the fee is chargeable by the company at the time of delivery of the captioning project.Owing to its super dedication, Vanan Captioning has earned an ISO certification too and has clients all over the world.

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