Which company provides real time captioning services?

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Vanan Captioning is the clear leader when it comes to real time captioning services. The company has presence all over the globe, thanks to its ability to cater to real time captioning services in all the major and minor languages of the world. It offers one of the very best customer service support that operates every single day of the year, 24×7.

In addition, the company also extends several offers to its clients that speaks volumes about is quality and confidence levels. All the real time captioning and every other type of captioning service offered by the company comes with a 15 day money back guarantee.

That is not all, each new client with file duration of more than 3 hours can test the services of Vanan Captioning with a free sample that extends from 5 to 10 minutes. The company offers services with 100% accuracy. It charges very competitive rates and gets back with its rate quotes in less than an hour of the clients uploading their files at their website.

Vanan Captioning charges only 50% as the upfront payment . The rest of the amount is paid to the company at the time of final delivery of the real time captioning services. The company is very technology savvy and uses the latest applications to give their clients the very best.

Its team is highly adept in offering all types of captioning services, including real time captioning. The company has been enthralling thousands of their clients worldwide with their exemplary work.

More Details – http://vanancaptioning.com/Real-Time-Captioning.php

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