Who provides Broadcast captioning services in Canada?

Captioning services are meant for the assistance of hearing impaired people to understand and enjoy movies, videos and all other visuals. As human beings, they too, have a right to know what is being said and heard on the screens and monitors. Large numbers of programs are broadcasted daily in TV and in other mediums. Recent laws strictly emphasis on the use of closed captioning in all programs produced and aired.

Most of the Broadcast captioning services are real time captioning covering emergency events, news, sports, telethons and all other live programs. Captionists working in live projects must be highly creative, talented with language expertise, have presence of mind and strong personality to stand up pressures.

They must also have prior experience in working with real time projects and the ability to work fast without faltering in their quality. Moreover, the technical aspects for producing high quality broadcast captioning services must be up-to date with the right software and other tools.

Vanan Captioning provides the best broadcast captioning services in Canada working in compliance with FCC and CRTC guidelines. All the captioning is free from spelling and grammar mistakes. With 100% accuracy, the projects are completed at a quick turnaround period.

Captioning can be rendered for non-live programs by inserting the relevant captions to the pre-recorded projects. The broadcast captioning services are projected in three styles such as three line roll up captioning, timed roll up captioning and pop up roll up captioning. According to the desire of the clients any one style is followed.

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