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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Captioning Services For COVID-19

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US : 1-800-230-7918 UK : +44-80-8238-0078

AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

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Spread Awareness With Our Captioning Services For COVID-19 Videos

The entire world is talking about coronavirus. It has infected more than 12 million people all around the world. COVID-19 has been the top topic of discussions in every media channel, in every newspaper and in most of the videos online. The virus is so deadly that already more than 69 thousand of individuals have lost their lives and many are fighting this battle.

Spreading the awareness about COVID-19 is super vital at this stage as it has covered the entire United States. More than three hundred thousand people in America have been reported positive for coronavirus. It is high time when every individual, all the communities, businesses and industries need to take action to stop the spread and save the country from this coronavirus pandemic. One of the best ways to do this is through videos.

In most of the cases, people prefer searching for content online and videos are a great way to convey the correct information in the best possible manner. It can also play an important role in handling the COVID-19 situation and saving the nation from this deadly virus. Your content will raise more awareness by getting massive reach if captions are included in them.

Different Type of Videos Under Our Captioning Services For COVID-19

Every industry is affected by this disastrous situation that the whole world is facing. Most of the countries have announced complete lockdown throughout the nation and people are living a quarantine life. In this situation, videos can be a great source for entertainment, as well as spreading awareness regarding COVID-19. If captions are also added into these videos, the probability of them reaching more audience and influencing them in a positive manner will automatically increase.

Hiring a captioning service for COVID-19 video content can help more than 40 million hearing disabled population of the United States in understanding the current situation and grasping the content being presented in the video.

These videos regarding COVID-19 can be of multiple types. A few of these are:

  • COVID-19 Update videos
  • COVID-19 measures videos
  • Government announcements videos regarding COVID-19
  • COVID-19 symptoms defining videos
  • Explanation about COVID-19 videos
  • Awareness videos on COVID-19
  • Precaution videos regarding COVID-19 And more..

There can be more videos that can promote COVID-19 precautions and awareness but in an interesting way. The videos like why wearing a mask is important during COVID-19 or how you can make your own sanitizer at home for COVID-19 can be some interesting ideas as well. Such videos will give an activity to perform while you get bored and also make people understand that why staying at home is important. Captioning Services for COVID-19 will also provide captions for such interesting videos as well.

Industries Demanding Captioning Services For COVID-19

As COVID-19 has affected majorly all the industries and their working, the demand for captioning services for COVID-19 is coming from a few limited industries. These include:

  • Legal Industry: The need is high for the legal industry as they are frequently releasing videos on the opening and closing of the government services, legal guidelines for lockdown and other related stuff. For all the public video announcements, the need for captioning services is there. More sub-services and related videos hiring our captioning service for COVID-19 include: (mention sub-services and type of videos)
  • Medical Industry: It is the only industry in demand in a situation like this and the medical professionals are trying to do their best. Meanwhile, the situations come where they might need assistance from foreign medical professionals by viewing their videos and such situations demand for captioning services. Other sub-services and type of videos that need this service can be: (mention sub-services and type of videos)
  • Healthcare Industry: The healthcare professionals are continuously releasing videos regarding the precautions to be taken, the symptoms and other related things. All these videos require captioning services for COVID-19. There can be a few more sub-services and different types of videos that might also need this service and these are: (mention sub-services and type of videos).
  • Finance Industry: The finance industry is facing a downturn due to COVID-19. The finance departments for the government, banks and other financial institutes are continuously uploading videos for the public either for making announcements or by supporting people in financial terms. All these videos and others require captioning services. Other types of videos under different sub-services in need of captioning services can be: (mention sub-services and type of videos)
  • Insurance Industry: People are becoming more concerned about taking insurance after this deadly virus situation. The industry is uploading videos for marketing their services and relating it to the COVID-19 which requires captions for a better understanding. Several other videos and sub-services looking for such services are: (mention sub-services and types of videos)

Cities And States Served By Us

We have covered the entire United States with our services and are assisting as many individuals and businesses, as we can by offering, are affordable captioning services for COVIS-19. The cities we cover include:

Washington DC – Seattle – Portland – San Diego – San Antonio – San Francisco – Philadelphia – Orlando – New York City – Miami – London – Los Angeles – Houston – Dallas – Chicago – Boston – Atlanta and many others.

The states we cover with our service assistance are:

Tennessee – Connecticut – North Dakota – West Virginia – Montana – Puerto Rico – Maine – New Mexico – Kansas – Texas – Pennsylvania – Illinois – Florida – Michigan – New York – Colorado – Wyoming – Alaska – Nebraska – Hawaii – Vermont – New Hampshire – Delaware – Rhode Island – Georgia – Louisiana – Massachusetts – California – New Jersey.

Accuracy Matters

The accuracy of the captions is one of the major points to be taken care of by the Captioning services for COVID-19. Inaccurate or bad quality captions can lead to dangerous output. Everybody needs to understand that it a critical situation and should be given the highest priority over all other things.

Vanan Captioning provides accurate captions for COVID-19 videos along with quick turnaround and at affordable charges. You can contact our customer support for more information.

Our Language Support For Captioning Services For COVID-19

Our database of language is huge. We offer all our services in more than 100 languages and the same goes for the captioning services for COVID-19. We are also offering customized services where we write captions for the original video and then are translating them into other languages. The languages we are offering are:

English – Greek – Irish – Tamil – Polish – Portuguese – Korean – Cantonese – Mandarin – Japanese – Urdu – Arabic – Hindi – German – French – Spanish – Italian and more.

The most popular language combinations for captioning services include:

Greek to Italian – Polish to Arabic – Hindi to Tamil – Cantonese to Portuguese – Urdu to Polish – Italian to Spanish – French to German – Chinese to Japanese – English to Chinese – Spanish to Korean – English to Spanish and so on.

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