We price match all quotes and provide speedy delivery on all our services *

We price match all quotes

and provide speedy delivery on all our services


Captioning Terms and Conditions

Captioning & Subtitling Refund Policy:
  • Reimbursement for captioning is allowed for 15 days from the date when work is sent.
  • Where a client seeks revision after the 15-days deadline is over citing quality issues, they are required to pay a 30% fee to re-proofread and 50% for full rework.
  • Refund strictly covers class A/Excellent and class B/Good voice files.
  • The client is precluded from insisting on a reimbursement before we’ve proofread and reviewed the rejected files to adhere to our quality standards. A reworked copy should also be sent.
  • The reimbursement request is not acceptable for files categorized either as poor quality files or rush-hour projects.
  • We don’t pre pledge accuracy for Rush-hour projects and substandard quality voice files. We also reject rework petitions where files are tainted with poor sound quality.
  • The turnaround time starts only upon the completion of the payment, and not from the time of file upload.
  • A customer is eligible for only one offer per order.
Make your COVID19 updates accessible with our captioning services

Are you looking to disseminate information to all your viewers in the most accessible manner about the corona virus? The novel corona virus epidemic needs attention and updates in all languages and mainly for industries such as News, Broadcast & Media, Print, Corporate, Healthcare, Research and so on. To make information equally available, we are virtually providing COVID 19 online captioning services in various languages that can help you concentrate on what is best to your customers!

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