A Unique Experience to Watch Hulu Videos: Hulu Captioning Services

The number of videos on the web has increased today, with its popularity leading to more number of people looking for unique ways to enjoy their streaming experience. Adding closed captions and subtitles to videos is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enhance the entire event of video-watching.

Majorly owned by the world-famous ‘The Walt Disney Company’, the Video On Demand (VOD) services of Hulu is one of the trending platforms, with an extensive collection of movies and television shows. In today’s generation, the idea of online streaming has taken hold of several individuals, especially teenagers. It is also estimated that about 18% of the American population in the age strata of 18-29 years have been watching television on Hulu streaming platform, several times per day. From ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to the ‘Letterkenny’, so many addictive Hulu originals have inspired populations globally.

The fore idea of Hulu captions is to aid in better understanding and improved user-experience of these mediums online. No user is left behind in terms of physical health, demographics, and language preferred to watch a video with the support of Hulu captioning services!

6 Fun and Interesting Facts Worth Reading About Hulu

In addition to the fact that Hulu is available only in the regions of the U.S. and Japan, there are a few more interesting things to know about Hulu. Such worth-reading facts are given in the following:

  • The current rate of viewers online in Hulu accounts for approximately 82 million individuals. 
  • In the number stated before, about 70% of the subscribers fall under the category of the ad-supported plan.
  • It was interpreted that $1.5 billion was the actual revenue of Hulu in the year 2018.
  • In the forethought of not to irritate their viewers, Hulu is now capping the length of all the played advertisement breaks at 90 seconds. The number goes lesser in some cases.
  • About 50% of the viewers are accounted to be binge-watchers in Hulu. 
  • At present, the total count of television episodes and other movies offered online accounts for more than 85,000 on-demand lineups.

The Value of Adding Hulu Closed Captions for Videos

Did you know that, as a user, you have the freedom to customize the subtitles and captions on Hulu’s platform? And if you think that adding Hulu closed captions can make no sense, then check out the following benefits gained from adding the same:

  • Individuals with hearing issue and other sensory disabilities can easily grasp the contents of a movie or series.
  • For people who require text format to understand the spoken dialogues in a movie or TV show, Hulu captions are truly a boon to comprehension.
  • Just for the mere sake of preference and/or convenience, Hulu closed captions might come handy for such viewers.
  • Any non-native speaker can effectively grasp the context and theme of a video using Hulu captioning services which support video subtitling as well.

Though the inputs of Hulu captioning differ according to the type of device used for streaming, the process overall is simple, effortless, and quick. On the other hand, according to the Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010, an online video should be mandatory closed-captioned, be it a TV program or a web series. If not, the law has the right to ban and penalize the medium/channel!

With a nominal pricing and standard quality on Hulu closed captioning services, Vanan Captioning is a one-stop solution to get Hulu captions and subtitles with the best quality. All the Hulu video closed captioning services from our agency are FCC & ADA compliant, thus applicable to multiple video formats. You can also avail discount offers on closed captioning services for Hulu videos from our expertise!

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