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Learning a new language can be fun or boring depending upon the way you choose to learn the same. It would be fun if you can do it with subtitles.

If you are trying to learn a language like Japanese or if you are already learning it then any video with Japanese subtitles will be helpful. The important thing here is that the video should have correct and complete subtitles. For this reaching out to some expert Japanese to English subtitling services like Captioning, is very important.

Why Learn Japanese with Subtitled Videos?

Opting for Japanese shows, videos and movies can be the best option for you. The reasons to cover up these are –

  1. Videos or movies will be fun to watch. Usually you will find short and emotionally intense Japanese series.
  2. The actors in the shows or movies speak clearly, which make it easy for you to learn new Japanese words.
  3. It will not only help you learn Japanese but will also help understand their culture.

How Subtitles can help in Learning Japanese?

No matter what level of Japanese learner you are, the subtitled videos can always help. If you are at the beginner level, you might understand only a bit. But as you start listening,your ears will start picking up new words and sounds.

For the intermediate level learners, you will feel that sometimes you are reading the subtitles and sometimes you are not . Although it is still an important tool for cases when you are not able to understand a dialogue. But you can turn it off whenever you feel it is not required.

If you are an advanced speaker of the Japanese language, you can still use the subtitles to learn the nuances of dialogues or for learning correct pronunciation.

Issue of Learning Japanese with Subtitles

One issue that you can come across while learning Japanese with subtitles is that it becomes a bit tiring.When you try and learn a new language with subtitles, listening can make you feel tired after a point of time. It can go up to a situation where you will stop listening to what the actors are saying and will read the subtitles alone.

When you reach a situation like this, it is better to take a break instead of convincing yourself that you are still learning something. Because you are no more listening you are just reading the subtitles.

Turn off the subtitles if you really don’t need it. If you are able to listen and follow what the actors are saying, you don’t need subtitles anymore. You can turn them on whenever you get stuck at a particular dialogue.

Most Important Thing

Go for the subtitled videos that have been done by some professional Japanese subtitling services. There are many English to Japanese subtitling services and vice versa, but getting videos subtitled by some accurate subtitling services like Vanan Captioning can only lead you to learn Japanese perfectly.

Also, if you are interested in learning new languages, our Vanan Translate App is there to help you out.

Happy Learning!

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