How to enhance French learning using French Subtitling Services?

french captioning

Are you a basic level learner in French? Do you love the language, but do not have enough resources to learn from? If you are keen on learning French, you can now effortlessly equip yourself from movies.

French movie classics can help you enhance your French learning skills. Watching French movies can set the tone of the movie and get you interested in the culture. The more you watch, the easier it is for you to speak the language. Though watching movies are one-way communication, you have the facility to pause, learn, repeat and move forward. 

french captioning
Student with a french cap reading a book in a classroom

But let’s face it – French movies area bit of a drag, boring and the noir seems to not interest the general audience. One needs to have a niche or a specific perspective and outlook in mind about the movie. It can come across as obscure and sometimes dreary.Watching an uninteresting movie after a tedious day at work can make it very difficult if you are not fluent in the language.

Nevertheless, will you not be surprised if we can ensure that you can still advance your French and not miss out on your favorites?

Francophonelearners,this post is just for you!

Countless people who watch a French movie are misled by the concept of vocabulary. They assume that they don’t understand it because of the language. But it is not just the vocab of the actors that is creates hindrance. It can be quite a few other factors like-excessive music in the background, dialogue delivery and the intensity of the scene. Sometimes the scene is so strong that the dialogues are disregarded,making you miss on what is being spoken.

Think about it – While watching a French movie, you would be spending half your time trying to figure out what is happening. The nuances of the dialogue are missed, the vous to tu’s offensive switch is being misinterpreted or even worse, you aren’t able to listen to the dialogues. For all you know, you might be trying to figure out if the characters on your screen are brother and sister or husband and wife.

Your happy ‘movie watching-language learning’ marathon can easily turn into ‘Argh-I don’t like French anymore’ episode.That is why, man and technology have worked hand in hand to introduce subtitles. It provides clarity and makes it a wonderful experience for a movie lover. There are French subtitling services offered by companies that help with providing accurate subtitles that make everyone’s work easy.

These companies give movie/video makers the leverage of translating from French to English subtitling services or from English to French subtitling services.

With these kinds of services, you as a viewer is hugely benefited. You can watch the movie even a hundred times knowing that you have subtitles. Watching a good French movie will never be an issue if you have accurate subtitles that can supplement the video.Watching it multiple times can enhance your pronunciations and give you larger perspective in the world of cinema.

And all of these, while you enjoy your popcorn!

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