Spanish is the 2nd largest spoken language across the globe and 3rd most used over the internet. Did you know that Spanish is the most romantic language on earth? Having said this, people have now started to watch Spanish Television shows and serials more than before.Club De Cuervos, Cable Girls, On My Block, High Seas, Diablero, etc. have topped the list of best Netflix shows in Spanish.

How cool it is to watch a binge-worthy program from a romantic language like Spanish. But thinking about this language, still everyone is not physically well-versed. Spanish Language is both a boon and barrier. This is where captions come to the rescue.

Captions are text lines that are present below the video. These are different from subtitles. Subtitling means displaying texts in a translated language. Whereas, captioning is showcasing speeches and words as text, as they are spoken.

Spanish Closed Captioning services are playing a great role in helping the deaf people to equally enjoy a digital medium as the typical individuals do. There are a few significant features that helps in giving the best Spanish captioning possible.


There are majorly 2 forms of captioning in Spanish – open and closed.

Open captions are also termed as burned-in, hard-coded, and baked on. As the name says, these Spanish captions are visible to everyone. It is more like a permanent feature for a video and are generally useful to provide subtitles, from foreign films to Spanish.

Closed captions on the other hand, provides the viewers an option to switch captions ‘on’ or‘off’ while viewing a Spanish video. This is one of the most common forms of captioning. You would have noticed the [CC] symbol over the corner of a media player or even on videos of the world-famous YouTube. This is nothing but the closed caption button.


There are a few reasons why there is a drastic increase in revenues getting collected from captioning and subtitling agencies.

Firstly, you can enjoy and watch a video comfortably even if it is in low-quality, with the help of Spanish captioning services. As stated before, eventhe physically challenged persons can tune on to their Spanish favourite showand watch it lively. Do you have a website or a video page which is basedprimarily on Spanish? Try giving captions from a service provider, and you mayhave chances to rank top on Google’s search engines. Engagement and a sense ofinteraction is possible, if you have texts for videos.

For a quick captioning service, you can opt for automated servers. But for captioning long and vital audios or videos with good accuracy, choose a captioning company as your service provider.

Vanan Captioning offers professional Spanish captioning services with 100% human powered processes, that have rates as low as $3.99/ minute. Get your Spanish captions today!

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