What is Closed Captioning?

What is closed captioning

The need for closed captioning has increased in recent times like never before. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand what is closed captioning. Closed captioning can be defined as the process of adding texts that represent the spoken words in a movie, TV program, or other videos.

Are you wondering why is it called closed captioning? Well, the reason why is it called closed captioning is that the captions remain invisible until they are activated by the users or viewers. The captions can be made visible through the menu option or remote control.

Difference Between Closed Captioning and Subtitles

Now that you know what is closed captioning, knowing what is closed captioning vs subtitles are important. Often, people get confused between subtitles and closed captions. Therefore, getting a clear understanding of what is closed captioning vs. subtitles is crucial.

Here are some of the prominent differences between the two.

  • Closed captioning is done with the assumption that viewers cannot hear. But subtitles are added with the assumption that viewers are able to hear but cannot understand the spoken language.
  • Closed captioning includes speaker changes and background sounds. However, subtitles do not contain any speaker change notifications or background sounds.

How Does Closed Captioning Work?

Are you thinking about how does closed captioning work? Well, after knowing the basics of closed captioning, it is essential to know how closed captioning works. The closed captioning works by displaying the written texts within a specific video.

It provides interpretive information to viewers. It makes the videos more accessible to people with different hearing difficulties and individuals who speak a different language.

Footsteps, dialogue, as well as other sounds, are translated into words to ensure an easy understanding of the content of the videos. When it comes to who types closed captioning, it is done by professional experts in the field.

Different Types of Closed Captioning

Are you wondering what are the different types of closed captioning? There are a number of closed captions that are used for various purposes. Some of the main closed captioning types are:

Pop-on captions 

These are the widely used closed captions in pre-recorded streaming, web content, and broadcasting.

Paint-on captions 

These are the occasionally used captions that populate the screen from left to right and display texts letter by letter.

Roll-up captions 

These are the closed captions that roll up on the screen continuously and appear one after the other, giving the readers sufficient time to read them.


Closed captions are becoming popular in order to increase the accessibility and reach of the videos. Now that you know the meaning of closed captioning, who types closed captioning, and what are the different types of closed captioning, choosing the appropriate closed captioning will be easy. With the right closed captions, you can ensure that more people around the globe are able to access and understand your video content. 

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