7 Apps to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Do you want to fight and overcome the fear of public speaking?

If you are a good speaker, it doesn’t mean that you can also speak well in front of the public. Often people suffer from social anxiety and stage fear which leave them speechless, thereby making them anxious and stressed. 
To be honest, speaking openly in the public is not an easy task, no matter whether you are a pro at debate or you love to talk with strangers. If you check the speeches of several public figures all across the world, you will find that public speaking needs clarity, accuracy, being spontaneous and a confident voice.
If one of the elements is missing, you won’t be able to convince the public with your voice, thereby letting the entire speech go waste. That’s why we have picked the top seven public speaking apps which will help you learn the tricks and shortcuts of making yourself comfortable with the audience at an online or offline platform.

Download these apps and become the most confident public speaker!!!!!

These apps are used across the world by different nationalities speaking different languages and dialects. Don’t worry about language being a hurdle in your learning process!!! Captioning service providers such as Vanan Captioning will take care of that part by providing adequate captions for the speeches.

1. Zoom.Us – Free

Zoom.Us is mainly important for students who are scared of facing their classmates on being asked to tell something about themselves or solve a math problem on the board. Even high school students and college goers suffer from this phobia of public speaking which is why they should use this app. 
Here, you connect with other students, regardless of whether you know them or not and speak on a given topic. They will provide you with real-time feedback which will let you know whether you are progressing or not. 

2. PromptSmart – $

PromptSmart will allow you to conduct live speaking sessions to global audience. It doesn’t matter whether there will be a language difference or not, because PromptStart can easily provide the captions of your speech to others who have joined the meeting. 
In fact, you can even listen and watch the videos of popular public speakers to understand their behaviour and their way of talking. 

3. Explain Everything – $

Using Explain Everything, you will be able to connect with several other people and share your thoughts with ease. You can even create presentations with audio and video snippets based on whatever you will learn about public speaking. 
As you can be a public speaker on the virtual platform, it will be much easy to build your confidence and work on issues like stuttering, nervousness, forgetting the speech, and so on. 

4. Vocabulary.com – Free

Since public speaking is a daunting and intimidating task, you need to make sure that your speech is full of variant words and rich but understandable vocabs. On this account, using the Vocabulory.com app will be an ideal choice for you. 
Here, you can learn new words and use them to frame your speech in real-time so that your voice can become more convincing and appealing. 

5. Orai-Free

Orai is one the best apps that you will find which helps you understand what areas need improvement. It provides guidance on how to not be conscious, facial expressions, energy levels, filler words, etc. This app provides a 7 days free trial. 

6. Likeso – $

With the LikeSo app, you will be able to understand whether the speed of your speech and wordings are correct for public speaking or not. It uses voice recognition technology to assess the wordings and pace of your speech and alter them for better presentation. 
Also, once your speech is over, you will get a score that will help you realize the extent of your progress.

7. Pro Metronome -Free

If you want to create different audios in real-time for live stage performance, Pro Metronome will be the best choice. It comes in two forms- the basic app which will allow you to work and modify different parts of speeches and the advanced application where editing can be done in a far better way. 

Do you think language will be barrier?

No. It won’t. Captioning services such as Vanan Captioning will help in providing accurate captions for the speeches in case they are in a language that you don’t understand. 
Also, these will help people with hearing disabilities. They can easily read the captions and train themselves at public speaking just as well as the others do.


Here, we have introduced you to the best of the best public speaking apps that will help you to understand everything about how to improve your gestures, communication skills, confidence, and other such strengths. With these apps, you will become a pro in speaking out in front of a huge audience and even produce your theory in a convincing manner. 
Get in touch with a captioning services company to avoid languages issues and clarity of speech.

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