Facts About French Immigrants in the United States

More than 5.3% of the total population of America is French or French Canadian. The number of people living in the US but were born in France is estimated to be over 129, 520.

As per the recent data, the largest population of French immigrants, living in America is for the state called Maine. French Americans make around 20% of Maine’s population. Louisiana is the second largest state that houses French Americans. 10% of New England’s population is Franco Americans.

The largest French speaking population in the US is found in St. Martine Parish. French is the second most spoken language in Maine and Vermont. It is also the third largest spoken language in Louisiana, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, after English and Spanish.

A lot of French people have been migrated from France to the US. As the number of immigrants is huge, it is obvious that French culture, language, etc. has affected America in multiple ways. Here are a few facts about how French society has influenced America.

Facts About How French Immigrants Influenced The US


French immigrants have founded several American towns and cities like Chicago. The word Chicago is the French rendering of a native American word shikaakwa, meaning ‘place for wild onions’.


French immigrants introduced America to a whole new range of interesting foods. The first yeast bread was made by the French Americans in North America. Buns, rolls, omelets, delicate soups, mayonnaise, etc. were brought to America by French immigrants.


The French attire was equally popular in the early nineteenth century as it is today. French immigrants introduced items like gloves, lace, French skirts, fishnet stockings, etc. to the US.

Education System

The schooling system in the United States has been greatly influenced by the French educational system. The French system has nursery and primary schools, and colleges, which is equivalent to the US’s junior high schools.


On an average, the French immigrants have been successful and have made an impact in the US. The French immigrants, who stayed in the US, tend to be less traditional and apparently more ambitious and forward looking. Most of French immigrants worked as cooks, artists, professionals, waiters, managers, clerical workers, etc.


French immigrants introduced several crafts to the US such as weaving techniques, lace making, leather dressing, fencing, dancing, dress designing, hair dressing, etc.


Americans from French ancestry started influencing the US politics during colonial time itself. Many French immigrants become Americanized and started participating in politics individually. John Tyler, James B Garfield, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt; four US presidents belonged to French Huguenot descent.

France and its immigrants have not affected the US alone; it is affecting the entire planet. French is the only language other than English, which is being spoken on all the five continents. It is the second most widely spoken language in Europe. According to studies, French will become the most widely spoken language in the world by the year 2050.

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