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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Closed Captioning Services in Hayward, California

US : 1-800-230-7918 UK : +44-80-8238-0078AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

US : 1-800-230-7918 UK : +44-80-8238-0078

AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

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Be it corporate presentations, broadcasting for television or videos on VOD platforms, we handle, with ease, all the different technical specifications. With custom APIs to work seamlessly around your process and our secure easy to order online platform, our captioning service is fast, accurate and the most reliable in the industry.

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Business Related to Closed Captioning in Hayward, California

Vanan Captioning provides closed captioning services to accomplish all your needs in Hayward, California. Benefit from our low starting price of $7 per minute. Get your free quote today by calling 1-800-230-7918. We provide YouTube closed captioning, digital closed captioning, video closed captioning, offline closed captioning, HD closed captioning, and in and around the city of Hayward, California.

Hayward , California is the 6th largest city in the state with the population of about 144,186 estimated in 2010. This is also the most populated municipality and has many large organizations that have set their businesses in this area. Closed Captioning Services are used by these companies to expand their business in various cities in California.

Captioning Services in and Around Hayward, California

Vanan Captioningis one of the certified online captioning companies offering all types of captions for audio-visual content. Our captioning services include :voice captioning,image captioning,open captioning,broadcast captioning,web captioning, audio captioning,TV captioning and Post production captioningservices. We provide all of these services in and around the city of Hayward, California.You can contact us through Toll Free No 1-800-230-7918 to know more information about our services

Captioning Formats:

  1. Physical Formats: Beta SP, DigiBeta, DVCPro25, DVCPro50, DVCAM, HDCAM and XDCAM.
  2. Web Formats: QuickTime (mov, smil/txt), iTunes / iPod / iPhone (m4v), Windows Media Player (sami/asx), YouTube (srt) and Hulu (smi).
  3. We provide accurate closed captioning services that mirror your video message. Call us at 1-800-230-7918 to know our bulk order offer. We offer high quality closed captioning services and subtitling services at competitive rates. You can use LIVE CHAT as an option to communicate with us.

    Closed Captioning Jobs in Hayward, California

    Vanan Captioning provides great employment opportunities in Hayward, California for all the qualified individuals who obsess becoming a movie captioner,broadcast captioner,closed captioner,and offline captioner.

    Foreign Language Closed Captioning

    We specialize in major languages closed captioning services such as Spanish,French,Portuguese,Arabic,German, Italian,Japanese and more in Hayward, California and other major cities in the US.

    Subtitling Services in Hayward, California

    Vanan Captioning provides highest quality subtitling services such as : video subtitling,DVD subtitling, film subtitling,services and more.

    We also provide language subtitling services such as :Arabic, Japanese,English,Spanish, French, Dutch and Vietnamese

    Areas or Cities We Serve
  4. Cherryland, CA
  5. Castro Valley, CA
  6. Fairview, CA
  7. San Lorenzo, CA
  8. Ashland, CA
  9. Union City, CA
  10. Dublin, CA
  11. San Ramon, CA
  12. Fremont, CA
  13. Alameda, CA
  14. Pleasanton, CA
  15. Danville, CA
  16. Moraga, CA
  17. San Leandro, CA
  18. Newark, CA
  19. FAQ

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  32. We Also Provide Following Services
    Voice Captioning
    Open Captioning
    Audio Description Services

    • ✓ Competitive Pricing
    • ✓ Multi-Lingual Support
    • ✓ Quick turnaround time
    • ✓ Supports all file formats
    • ✓ Rush and super rush services available

    Descriptive Video Service in Hayward, California

    Audio Description services (ADS) and Descriptive Video Service from vanan captioning in Hayward is for the visually-impaired/visually-challenged individuals to experience visual media exhibits, functions, movies, TV shows, programs, events, etc. through voice-over.

    Aiming a global audience, we specialize in Video Descriptive Services (VDS) and Audio Description Services (ADS) for the blind.

    Trained Language Experts For Your Media in Hayward

    Since the last decade, Audio Description Services and Integrated Video Services (IVS) found its purpose in nations like USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, South Korea and France.

    From events, broadcasts, education and media to TV programs, feature films, drama and short films, vanan captioning delivers affordable and accurate results of video description services and audio descriptive services in Hayward.

    Features that Set Our Descriptive Video Services in Hayward Apart:

    Vanan captioning's Video and Audio Description Services are compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) guidelines as well as Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) and The Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Our standards ensure serving the most accurate results in scripts, without missing out on

    • ✓ Capturing Context
    • ✓ Word-choice
    • ✓ Pronunciation
    • ✓ Enunciation
    • ✓ Dictation
    • ✓ Story-telling

    Our services are for a range of services for 100+ languages:

    • ✓ Theatrical studios
    • ✓ Government agencies
    • ✓ Broadcasting networks
    • ✓ Educational institutions
    • ✓ Business and companies
    • ✓ Feature length films

    and also for web-based and streaming video mediums like:

    • ✓ Entertainment videos
    • ✓ Hulu
    • ✓ iTunes
    • ✓ Talking newspapers
    • ✓ Vimeo
    • Netflix
    • ✓ Amazon prime video

    If you need customization, we are ready to give you quality Described Video (DV) Services in Hayward to enhance your media to the visually challenged audience.

    To find out more about Descriptive video service and Descriptive audio service, chat with us. Our Descriptive Video Service are available for Sunnyvale, Daly City, Berkeley, Santa Clara, San Diego, Oakland and everywhere else. You can find us through "Descriptive Video Service near me" searches online.

    For any assistance, feel free to contact vanan captioning's 24*7 customer support.

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