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About Us

Vanan Services was designed to meet a real need in the global community. We grew and expanded our services to include more areas as our customers let us know of their overall business and personal needs. We work not only with individuals but with large corporations and other groups to meet the diverse needs of the transcription and communication community. With affordable rates, fast delivery and intense attention to accuracy, we have garnered return clients who have been with us for years. Our foremost concern is not compromising the quality of all the work we do as we offer all our diverse range of services to clients.

Vanan Services values teamwork and are proud to have a team that offers the best quality of services. Superior quality and professionalism are the gold standards of our work, and this is evidenced by the certification we hold that outlines standards and best practices to deliver the highest quality of output for our clients. Our team keeps its focus on getting every job done absolutely correctly, and in return, we are grateful for the appreciation of our customers. When a client returns to you for more work, you know that you are achieving excellent customer satisfaction. Our record stands for itself, and we are proud of it.

Vanan Services stands out from other online service providers with a team of dedicated transcribers, quick turnaround time, and affordable service rates. We can be relied upon to start working on your project as soon as it arrives in our hands. As of this date, We currently have customers who have expressed satisfaction with the work from Vanan Services and we strive to increase that number continually.


As a leading provider of professional online services, it is our mission to provide dedicated services to each and every client, no matter when or where they need our services, and regardless of the size of the job or the client. We proudly serve individuals, corporations, and organizations with the same level of quality and focus. It is our goal that each and every client receive world class services by following best practice standards and work practices.

As part of our mission, we deliver outputs on or before deadlines, provide excellent accuracy, and give affordable services. We strive to meet each and every client's particular needs in the best manner possible.


Our vision is to always be a leading provider of professional online services for our clients. Technology continues to evolve, and work processes evolve along with those changes. Our number one goal is to provide top-notch services to all of our customers throughout the world at all times. Our clients have come to rely on our solutions for their needs, our very affordable service rates, and our rapid delivery time. We strive to work alongside our customers to fully meet their needs and help them to achieve their goals.

Why Work For Vanan Services?

As the leading provider of professional online services, we are always interested in offering the opportunity for you to be part of our team. As a part of our team, you can experience the comfortable and hassle-free feeling of working from any location - including your own home. Our team members enjoy the ability to grow with us, develop their skills and discover new potential in themselves.

We stand out from all the online service providers available. With dedicated professionals and continued growth in all areas, we offer a great environment for our team members.

Vanan Timeline

  • 2011 - Vanan Services offers transcription services to clients worldwide.
  • 2012 - Translation services are added to Vanan Services.
  • 2013 - Vanan Services has numerous repeat clients that utilize translation of several languages. Vanan Services' reputation attracts new clients who come to value our services as a leading professional online service provider.
  • 2014 - Vanan Services adds the services of voice over, closed captioning and subtitling services to our offerings to clients, based on customer requests.
  • 2015 - Vanan Services adds typing, essay writing, and video services to better meet our customer needs.
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