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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Audio Description Services

100+ Languages

100+ Languages



Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time

Best Audio Description Services at Competitive Industry Prices

There are a large number of people in the world with blindness or visual impairment. Any corporate or individual wishing to connect with this audience should make their content accessible to all, which is where description services come in.

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Why audio description services, you may ask. Well, while for most people, it is easy just to sit and enjoy their favorite media over a bowl of popcorn. But for the blind and visually impaired persons, an accurate description of audio is a necessity.

This service allows visually challenged people to access and enjoy live events, YouTube videos, webinars, training videos, lectures, video games, interviews, marketing content, documentaries, movies and TV programs. We also offer reliable description services for website localization, training, meetings, and more to increase user engagement.

Vanan Captioning is a well-known audio description service provider that provides services in more than 100 languages for any video content. Our trained audio describes are proficient in their native languages and deliver outstanding results. Get audio descriptions delivered on time at affordable costs.

Professional Audio Description Services for Online Video

At Vanan Captioning, we offer professional description services for all visual and audio aspects of live or recorded media at affordable prices. We provide 100% human-generated high-quality on-demand description services to help you reach a culturally diverse online audience with visual and hearing impairments in over 100 languages.

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Our audio describers are professional natives highly trained and experienced in description to guarantee high accuracy in voicing out and transcribing what is displayed or spoken in media. Some of the major languages that are highly demanded include Spanish audio description, English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian, Akan, Uyghur, and Many more.

Get Fast, High-Quality Audio-Visual Translation For Less

Audio visual translation refers to transferring verbal components of audiovisual works from one language to another. In addition to translating dialogue from one language to another, descriptions are also added to allow the viewers to comprehend what is happening in the media. We provide accurate translation audio descriptions within your budget.

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Why is the Description of Audio Content Important?

✓ Legal Compliance: In some countries like the US, descriptions in audio are a legal requirement. Failure to comply with the federal laws can result in litigation and cost you in the long run.

✓ Accessibility: According to the 2015 National Health Interview Survey, more than 20 million Americans have trouble seeing. This is about 10% of America’s population, which makes the description of audio in media content a critical accommodation.

✓ Flexibility: There are areas where viewing videos and other media is prohibited. With the option of description, users get the flexibility to view content in these eye-free environments.

✓ Language skills development: Description is a helpful tool in enhancing language development in children and providing reinforcement to adults learning a new language.


Our Core Values : Quality

At Vanan Captioning, our process goes through various quality checks to ensure supremacy in precision and accuracy. Our captioners are professionals who have a great hold over their work structure and analyse every step of the captioning process. We prefer to deliver 100% quality and timely delivery over anything else.

Related captioning services

Close captioning

The princess where a text version of the spoken words in the video are being displayed on screen is called Closed captioning. It is highly useful for those who have hearing impairement or are hard of hearing. It stipulates uninterrupted video watching for all kinds of people without any disturbance or discrepancy.

Broadcast captioning

Broadcast captioning is perhaps a real time captioning procedure where captioners work on the news text that have to be accurate for the readers. This is mostly done based on the language that is needed and to acquire the news without confusion.

Offline captioning

Offline captioning is basically when teh captioning work is done usually after an event or on pre recorded shows. Vanan Captioning is the exclusive provider of offline captioning for prerecorded programs. Our offline captioners are experienced in handling shows such as interview, speech, debate or discussion.

Open captioning

The process of capturing and displaying all sounds and words that are heard during a video is called open captioning. This is very similar to closed captionig. Open captioning although does not have the option of turning off the captions when not necessary.

Youtube captioning

Captions on YouTube videos generally help in ranking systems making your video visible to a lot more audience. The text on the video makes it accessible and increases your SEO chances of audience engagement even with people who are hard of hearing.

Video captioning

Video captioning helps in converting audio content of a video into a text and then synchronizes the text that is transcribed to the video. The text gets displayed in segmanets within a timely gap that aligns between words and the video. It helps many people who are unaware of the language in understanding better.

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File formats

Accepting and delivering in the file format of the customer’s choice is our top priority. Choose from any of our formats and get delivered accordingly.

  • .M4A
  • .SMI
  • .M4B
  • .M4A
  • .SMI
  • .M4B

Platforms we do

Since we concentrate on all platforms, our Captioning Services are also provided and available for customer use in the following major platforms, we also extend our service to other 50+ platforms. Chat with us to know more.

Significant languages we deliver

We trust that every customer needs to have access to the language of their choice. Vanan captioning supports 100+ languages such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic, French and more where we work only with native captioners to give you the best language support possible.

Our Services Extend Further Than The Languages Mentioned Below

Spanish - English
Japanese - English
French - English
German - English
Arabic - English
Chinese - English

We extend our services to our clients in fulfilling requirements with our wide range of native translator community across languages.